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The Summech Story

with Executive Director, Janis Ware

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"Paving The Way For Better Communities"

Maja Sly tells her Summech Story
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Maja Sly recalls the Summech

experience that changed her life


Resident Testimonial

Samantha Terry

"I was determined to buy a new home. In 2015 I started thinking that it may be possible but I didn't know how to go about it. In 2016, I signed up for Summech's Home Buyer Workshops and they were a game changer. First of all, I couldn't believe with all of the information I received that the sessions were free. I realized that there were so many things I needed to do to get myself ready for home ownership.  Well I took all of the advice and in 2017 I started the home buying process. Working for the City of Atlanta, I really wanted to live close to my job. People had told me that it would be impossible because there wasn't much affordable housing in the downtown area. But, when I reached back out for Summech they had a property that was perfect for me. Summech helped me seek out sources of funding for my first time buyer grant and now I can proudly say that I am the owner of a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home in Mechanicsville. 

Homebuyer Education
Financial Fitness Camp

Monthly Workshops

SUMMECH Community Development Corporation (SCDC), as a HUD-approved Comprehensive Housing Counseling Agency, assists families and individuals in realizing and attaining their dream of homeownership under our Paving the Way for Better Living Program.  As a nonprofit agency, SCDC provides many types of homeownership and homebuyer counseling services. 

Financial Fitness Camps

Some people need a fitness trainer to jump start good physical habits; some people need a financial fitness trainer to jump start good financial habits. Financial Fit Camp is designed to provide you with an overview of sound financial fitness and one-one coaching in a group setting to jump start your good financial habits for future success.

Rental Opportunities

Rental Properties

The goal of SUMMECH is to provide affordable housing and we understand that everyone does not desire home ownership or may not be ready for it at this time. There are still advantages to renting such as lower down payments, and not having the responsibility for builders insurance and property maintenance. We have a selection of rental properties in the Mechanicsville area of Atlanta that are single family dwellings as well as multi family units. 

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