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Many of our partners have resources and programs that will benefit you no matter what stage you are in regarding your homeownership process.

Invest Atlanta

Invest Atlanta offers several programs that make living in the City of Atlanta affordable. With programs and incentives targeted at developers, homeowners and renters, Invest Atlanta makes living in-town affordable for all types of working families. The Invest Atlanta Housing Finance team has over 25 years of combined development experience and success. LEARN MORE

Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Foundation connects parents and other adults to job opportunities, training, education and resources such as the earned income tax credit and other benefits. It also, awards grants to residents seeking to improve their community, trains new resident leaders and helps people advocate for their neighborhoods. LEARN MORE

Enterprise Community

Through Enterprise’s industry expertise, they have built an extensive library of in-depth expertise, best practices and research. Visit their Resource Center to browse the full database of research by Enterprise and their partner organizations. LEARN MORE

Metro Fair Housing

Provides landlord-tenant counseling. A landlord-tenant relationship may become strained for either party. MFH offers counseling for those who find themselves in such situations. Georgia laws regarding landlord-tenant rights and obligations may be difficult to understand; Metro provides information, advice and suggestions on how you might find a remedy agreeable to all parties involved. LEARN MORE

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