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Home Ownership

SUMMECH Community Development Corporation (SCDC), as a HUD-approved Comprehensive Housing Counseling Agency, assists families and individuals realize and attain their dream of homeownership under our Paving the Way for Better Living Program.  As a nonprofit agency, SCDC provides many types of homeownership and homebuyer counseling services, free of charge to the participants and due in part to the generosity and financial assistance of private foundations and grants from entities such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development; Georgia Department of Community Affairs; United Way, SMP Fund, and individual donors.For information on upcoming workshops, please click here. 

Homebuyer Education (Pre-Purchase) 
Counseling and services in this area help to prepare clients for homeownership by:

  • Guiding them through the process of home selection;

  • Detailing the mechanics and procedures of buying a home; and

  • The responsibilities of homeownership. 

Other topics discussed are:

  • Budgeting and debt management;

  • Credit and financing options; and

  • Down payment assistance programs. 

Comprehensive pre-purchase sessions are conducted in group and individual settings.  Group Workshops are offered twenty-four times a year. (Click here for schedule of workshops)

Homeowner Education (Post-Purchase)
Counseling and programs in this area are designed to assist clients with strategies for maximizing the benefits of homeownership.  Topics discussed include:

  • Managing your finances;

  • Cost-saving tips;

  • Home maintenance;

  • Property taxes;

  • Insurance;

  • Refinancing responsibly;

  • Avoiding foreclosures; and

  • Getting involved in your neighborhood.

Post purchase sessions are currently conducted in individual settings.

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