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Past Projects

City View

City View of Rosa Burney Park is a multi-family rental community.  City View’s 180 units consist of 111 one-bedroom units located in a 10-story, high-rise building; in addition to 70 Town Home units with 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom configurations.  Developed in partnership with Kennon Properties, this $12.5 million development was financed with low-income housing tax credits and bond financing through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Columbia Mechanicsville 

Columbia Mechanicsville, a development of 500 mixed-income apartment units, is collaboration with the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) and Columbia Residential.  It is built on land that previously housed one of the City’s oldest public housing projects previously known as McDaniel Glenn.

Fill In The Gap Phase 1 “Fill In The Gap” is SUMMECH’s single-family, detached, mixed-income infill housing initiative.  Fill In The Gap, a development of 16 mixed-income homes on Garibaldi Street, Windsor Street Cooper Street and Smith Street, has helped to contribute to the renewed interest in the Mechanicsville area.  The homes, ranging in size from 1,200 to 1,800 sq. ft., feature three bedrooms, two and a half baths, porches, rear decks, garages and off-street parking.  The total development cost was $2.6 million with financing provided by Capitol City Bank and Ironstone Bank.  In addition, an economic development initiative (“EDI”) grant from the City of Atlanta was also used to fund a portion of the acquisition cost. 

Pryor Street Single Family Homes 

In preparation for the 1996 Olympics, the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) and the Metropolitan Atlanta Olympic Games Authority (MAOGA) had an idea that new housing units on a street leading into the Mechanicsville community would be an added benefit. SUMMECH, ANDP, ACOG and MAOGA, collaborated to develop “The Street of Dreams” - a collection of housing units that represented the first new residential construction in Mechanicsville in more than 30 years.

Rawson Street Project

The Rawson Street Project is a multi-family residence where we have transformed 8 one-bedroom apartments into energy-efficient rental units.  Included in our renovation were upgrades not generally found in affordable housing units with features such as low flow toilets and tankless water heaters. 

Rosa Burney Manor 

This group of apartments comprises a community of six, scattered site apartment buildings.  A gut renovation project that was completed in 1998, Rosa Burney Manor brought a renewed interest to the Mechanicsville community by eradicating the eyesores of the once dilapidated buildings. This initiative, containing 54 units of one and two bedroom apartments, helped to fulfill the important need for affordable rental housing.  Rosa Burney Manor, a $2.3 million dollar project, was financed by Mutual Federal Savings Bank, ESIC, Fleet Finance, ANDP and the City of Atlanta.

Ware Estates I,  Ware Estates II,  Ware Estates III
Ware Estates I, II and III is a 69-unit, town home community that was completed in three phases between 1999 and 2002.  The development of Ware Estates transformed city blocks into homeownership opportunities.   The first phases were completed in partnership with Urban Residential Development Corporation (URDC).  The total development cost was $7.6 million.  Financing was provided by SunTrust Bank, Capitol City Bank and the City of Atlanta

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