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Meet Our Staff

Janis L. Ware, Executive Director a position she has held since 1991.  She is recognized throughout the Atlanta housing community as one of the first urban pioneers by building affordable homes for first time homebuyers in the Mechanicsville neighborhood.  Janis L. Ware has practical, hands-on and well documented experience in the field of low-and moderate-income housing and community economic development. As such, she has served the citizens of the metropolitan Atlanta area for more than 28 years.  Janis Ware, a native Atlantan, graduated from historic Booker T. Washington High School and was one of the first African American females to graduate from the University of Georgia’s prestigious School of Business. She earned her MBA in Project Management from American InterContinental University in 2011.  Her extraordinary business acumen is one of the many qualities that have positioned SUMMECH Community Development Corporation as one of the key entities in the revitalization of the historic Mechanicsville community and a leader in the development of low-to moderate income, multi and single family units. Under her leadership, she has strengthened the organization, increased its delivery of services and developed more than 1350 housing units; transforming communities by developing strong collaborations and partnerships with like-minded affordable housing and community development entities. Development efforts started with the acquisition of more than 40 parcels of land from property owners through direct mail solicitation requesting the donation of the property to SUMMECH, which included the land on which Ware Estates was developed.  By contracting with Integral Group to assist SUMMECH and the hiring a Project Manager during the development process, 69 townhomes were built and sold to first time homebuyers. Rosa Burney Manor, which involved the gut renovation of 54 units of scattered site apartments, was completed with contractors and consultants under Janis Ware’s direction.  This experience has led to the collaborative partnerships with for-profit developers in the development of over 1350 plus units.

Felicia Hicks, Full time Program Manager has been with SUMMECH since 1995. Ms. Hicks’ talents and skills have expanded vastly during her tenure.  She has earned a degree in Sociology from Georgia State University and is a certified housing counselor/educator and has extensive knowledge of affordable housing property management and is experienced with HUD (Section 8), Tax Credit and HOME funded developments. Ms. Hicks has 9 years of experience with homeownership projects and property management of single-family and multi-family developments. In addition, she will be intricately involved in the preservation of our affordable rental housing units and tackling the best practices and strategies for maintaining their affordability while dealing with deferred maintenance issues.   

Marvina Burgos, Full Time Program Assistant has been with SUMMECH since 2014 and comes with a wealth of project and program experience. Marvina holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management with a minor in Operations Management from Devry University. During her tenure with SUMMECH she has been trained and certified to lead, train, and facilitate financial literacy courses and provide financial coaching.   She also provides property management of single-family and multi-family developments. In addition, manages community development projects that assist in the preservation of our affordable housing programs; while supporting the best practices and strategies for maintaining their affordability.

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